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You can send faxes without a cover sheet, but if you include a cover sheet with your fax it will ensure that the reciver knows who the document(s) are from and who the fax is addressed to as well as other perinent information. The cover sheet should be the first sheet sent with the fax.

How to Make a Fax Cover Sheet
A fax cover sheet can be printed out in our template and sample section. You can easily make your own fax cover sheet in a word processing program. The most important items to include are who the fax is addressed to ("Attention"), who the fax is from, the sender's fax number and the number of pages in the fax (including the cover page). Other information that would make the fax cover sheet more helpful are: a heading with the sender's company name (if relavant), phone number and address, the date, the sender's phone number, the subject, the receiver's company and any comments or messages.

Note: If you decide to put a logo, make sure that it' shows up properly when sending the fax in black and white, many fax machines are only capable of receiving faxes in black and white.

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